Drummond Pike founded Tides Foundation in 1976; the Tides Center in 1996, the Advocacy Fund in 1994, in 1999; Tides Inc. in 2003, Tides Shared Spaces in 2004; and the Tides Network in 2006. He served as Chief Executive of all until November, 2010. He continues to advise Tides as a Senior Advisor, while consulting with several principals on philanthropic and financial matters.

Recently named a Principal with Equilibrium Capital, a private equity Impact investing firm based in Portland, OR, he is also volunteering time with Paladin Partners to support emerging progressive leaders and organizations.

In the 1990’s, Tides emerged as a key provider of infrastructure to the progressive community, supporting donors and grantmakers through a range of philanthropic services, working with newly forming organizations in what became the nation’s largest sponsorship organization, developing low cost online donation services (Groundspring merged with Network for good in 2006), and developing multi-tenant nonprofit centers through Tides Shared Spaces. In 2008, the Advocacy Fund expanded significantly as a key sponsor of advocacy initiatives focused on immigration, climate change, and the eldercare work force. By 2010, Tides’ aggregate cashflow regularly exceeded $200 million annually and was often ranked, when aggregated, among the top 100 charitable enterprises in the US.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Working Assets, a telecommunications company dedicated to progressive philanthropy and political activism, and was among the founders of its predecessor company.  His service on non-profit Boards includes: Island Press, Environmental Working Group, Tides Canada Foundation, Democracy Alliance, JK Irwin Foundation, Livingre Foundation, and Enlyst Foundation. He currently remains on the Board of the Advocacy Fund. Drummond received a Masters of Political Science from the Eagleton Institute at Rutgers University after graduating with Honors from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1970.

A fourth generation Californian, Drummond resides in Mill Valley, CA with his wife, Liza, founder of Resource Media.  He is also a licensed commercial river guide in the Grand Canyon with Arizona Raft Adventures.


Wade Rathke has been an organizer virtually all of his life.  Beginning in the 1960’s he first dropped out of school to organize against the Vietnam War.  His first paying job was as the founding organizer of the Springfield Welfare Rights Organization in 1969 and then as head organizer of Massachusetts Welfare Rights Organization (MWRO) in 1970 based in Boston.   On June 18, 1970 he founded ACORN – the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – in Little Rock, Arkansas and remained Chief Organizer of ACORN for 38 years until 2008, when he resigned when ACORN had nearly 500,000 members, over 1000 staff members, offices in more than 100 US cities, and a combined budget of the family of organizations of nearly $100 million dollars.   Wade continues as Chief Organizer and Founder of ACORN International, headquartered in New Orleans and Toronto, which now has over 50,000 members working in twenty cities in Canada, Peru, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Mexico, Honduras, Kenya, and India, largely in the mega-slums of these countries.  He also remains Chief Organizer of Local 100, United Labor Unions, with members in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.   Since leaving ACORN, Wade has also been a strategic and organizing consultant to various unions in North America, organizations and campaigns within the immigrant rights and reform movement, and a foreclosure resistance project called Advocates and Actions in Phoenix.

Wade has long experience on the board of non-profits including serving as one of the founding directors of the Tides Foundation’s family of philanthropic enterprises, the Frontera Fund, the Paradox Fund, AM/FM, Labor Neighbor Research & Training Center, and others, as well as many years of service on the board of the Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO, including three terms as Secretary-Treasurer, and eight years on the International Executive Board of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) from 1996-2004, and as a founding officer and then President of the SEIU Southern Conference during the same period.

Wade has written extensively about organizing and social change.  Most recently he was the author of Citizen Wealth:  Winning the Campaign for Working Families (2009) and editor and essayist of Global Grassroots:  International Perspectives on Organizing (April 2011) and the forthcoming The Battle for the 9th Ward:  ACORN and the Rebuilding of New Orleans after Katrina and 5 Years Later (August 2011).  Other articles, essays, and book chapters by Wade are available through the “writings” tab on his website at where Wade also writes a daily blog.  Wade is the editor and publisher of Social Policy, a widely read quarterly magazine, for organizers, academics, and activists.  He is also a frequent guest lecturer at colleges and universities and Research Professor at the Universidad Obrera (Workers’ University) in Mexico City.

Wade was born and raised in the West and South from Laramie, Wyoming to New Orleans, Louisiana, where he lives with his family when not on the road or camping in their Airstream, the “Silver Bullet” planted along Rock Creek, Montana, or at the Bayou Island Camp along the LaBranche National Wildlife Refuge on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain on a long post-Katrina rebuilding project.

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